Kindergarten; Team of the Year 2015-16


Foundations are vital to success in anything. In education a child’s future success is laid foundationally in kindergarten. Desert View is blessed to have four amazing ladies who lay a solid academic foundation for our youngest Coyotes. I am very happy to say, these four were recognized this year by their peers as they were voted the Desert View Team of the Year for 2015-16!


Linda Mruk, Ashley Nicodemus, Sarah O’Gorman and Casie Sturza have produced great results year after year. Two years ago 93% of all students leaving kindergarten were proficient in English/ Language Arts. Last year that number jumped to 98%! This year they are on track to produce similar data. In addition to getting a high level of performance from their students, these teachers train their charges to think critically, and self-assess their own work. As the students work they become very adept at using a clearly defined four point rubric. Few things are as amazing as talking with a five year old about the difference between a three and a four on his or her sentence structure and why he or she graded his or her self the way he or she did.


Please join me in congratulating the amazing ladies on their hard work!